The Guerrilla Marketing School is an online, interactive workshop exploring Guerrilla Marketing.  

from Ancient Greece to the world's most successful small car launch students will find the course enjoyable, inspirational and useful.

Students will complete the course gaining  immediately useable creative thinking techniques, actionable ingredients for a successful Guerrilla Marketing idea and hands-on experience.

Instructor Floyd Hayes has 15 years experience as a global pioneer in Guerrilla Marketing, and with a 5-star student approval rating, you couldn't be in better hands. Check out his biography here.


The course can be taken at the Student's pace - where and when they like.

The course includes video, two (optional) hands-on briefings, one-on-one critique, ongoing Q&A and a '9 Steps to Successful Brainstorming.' PDF

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    What People Are Saying:

    "One of the most notable, accomplished thought-leaders in his sector."

              - Richard Powell, Vice-Consul Creative and Digital Media UK Trade & Investment

    "Highly Informative, inspirational and entertaining."

              - Lily Desrochers, Professor, LaSalle International College of Fashion, Art and Design

   "All round box-free thinker.  CNET

    "Pregnant with marketing genius."- ADWEEK